SurvivorSlimEdu iPad Air Clear

SurvivorSlimEdu iPad Air Clear

Griffin Technology

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BULK PACKAGING, NOT RETAIL - Enhanced protection that stands up to the rigors of the classroom. Survivor Slim surrounds your iPad Air in durable, flexible silicone for shock absorption. Beneath that is a shatter-resistant shell for structural strength. A touch-through screen shield protects your Multi-Touch display against scratches and smudges while you use it, and flexible button covers deflect windblown dust, grit, and rain. And all this protection is packed into a size and shape that's easy for students to carry around all day, every day. When we say "protection," we mean it. Survivor Slim is designed to pass rigorous tests for shock/drop, vibration, and windblown dust and rain, as defined by the Department of Defense in its MIL-STD-810G standard. Imagine dropping your iPad Air on a concrete floor from a height of 6 feet; or leaving it on the floor of your car all day while driving under-construction roads; or getting caught in a rainstorm or in wind-driven sand at the beach or playground. These and more are the kinds of real-world conditions Survivor Slim is designed to protect against. Survivor Slim is military-spec rugged protection, slimmed down to fit your students. Because no case can protect your iPad Air if they won't carry it with them. BLK/CLR/BLK

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